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Studio 87 Art Gallery proudly features artist Lainey Benson
Lainey Benson

Lainey is from a talented family of artists and musicians. In her family, drawing was a daily pastime, one that is still enjoyed to this day.

She was born in Colorado, raised in Ottawa, and at the early age of seventeen, Lainey turned her sites to the west and very happily landed in Nelson, British Columbia. At first, she pursued her artistic interests, working in a local art gallery. But quickly she returned to the field of developmental disabilities, a passion she had discovered in high school. She then met Jim, her future husband and greatest support, and raised a family. Lainey had always enjoyed creating lovely images so once her sons were grown, she turned to painting, and a new love was born.

Lainey now paints full-time. She is continually astonished and delighted by this turn in her life. Travelling and collecting images for painting are just added bonuses.

Lainey Benson now divides her time between the Kootenays and the Ottawa Valley, surrounded by both natural beauty and elegant small-town charm. Lainey seeks to capture these attractions with her vibrant, uplifting style.

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