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Studio 87 Art Gallery proudly features artist Zeynep Ergincan
Zeynep Ergincan

Zeynep was born and raised in Izmir, Türkiye. Before settling down in Ottawa, she lived in Meersburg, Germany, a charming town that inspired her with its architecture and landscape.

Zeynep graduated from Ottawa School of Art’s diploma program in 2009, and holds an MSc in Microbiology.

She started her art career by painting landscapes in watercolour but quickly switched to acrylics to obtain better contrast with complementary colours. Later, Zeynep added ceramics as another medium to her portfolio. She likes vivid colours and tries to maximize their impact through the use of contrast. 

The subjects in her works are imaginary, but are influenced by her memories, recent or long past. Zeynep’s purpose in art is to capture happy memories before they slowly fade away. Through her art, she hopes to express the inner child to achieve a few moments of joy.

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