Hanna MacNaughtan 

“Art-making to me is a place of reflection, expression and quiet contemplation.”


Hanna MacNaughtan is a mixed media artist who creates abstract, expressionistic and impressionistic paintings full of texture and light. Her work is inspired by the quiet waters and natural surroundings near her home in a small town outside of Ottawa Ontario.


“I can not count the hours that I have spent out in my canoe or kayak immersing myself in the reflections, colours and light that bounce around on the landscape before me. My inspiration for my paintings is my own back yard where we live along the south branch of the Rideau River. The quiet waters are always beckoning me to come explore and take notice of this beautiful, tranquil, riparian area that we are so fortunate to call our home.  Over the years my artwork has evolved from realistic watercolour portraiture to large expressionistic acrylic paintings with the focus of reflections on water. We live along the south branch of the Rideau river where the water is calm and peaceful. It is my zen place. My aim with each painting is to capture a moment of serenity in an attempt to make it last.  Every time I go outback in my canoe or kayak I see a painting. The view is never the same way twice. Indeed, with every changing wind and change of season the landscape inspires me with another perspective. Where some people may see the bank and the trees or the beavers and ducks swimming upstream, I see the shapes and the lines and the colours and light as they reflect off the water.  My interest lies not only in capturing the tranquillity of the visual reflections but to also hold onto the music that I hear from the birds, frogs, trickles of water, and wind through the cattails along the bank. It is very difficult for me to put into words how I feel ~ therefore, I paint.”

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