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Julie Kojro
Julie Portrait.JPG

Julie like to paint images from her travels and her focus is often water scenes, reflections, dramatic contrasts, textures, movement, balanced compositions, and an interesting play of light. While she try to capture the beauty of a particular scene using photos she has taken, she has fun changing elements of the reference to make it her own and create something new and more interesting. Painting is fun and you never know what you will end up with each time you place a new blank canvas on your easel. Julie finds the creative process is enhanced by listening to music while she work. It can impact the mood and direction of a painting.

Her choice of media are oils, acrylics, and watercolours. She has painted most of her life and while it is a solitary process, it is a pleasure to share her work in galleries, shows, and festivals. She enjoys interacting with other artists and art admirers to gain feedback, insight, and inspiration. She has participated in many group and solo shows, and art festivals over the years. A few of these are: O.K.W.A. (Organization of Kingston Women Artists), the Kingston Library Wilson Room, Kingston School of Art, Tett Centre in Kingston; Kingston Studio Tour; Kingston Women’s Art Festival; Art in the Park Kingston; Fantasy in the Forest; Stoney Steps Artfest in Newburgh; Windmills Restaurant in Kingston; and various galleries, i.e. Anthony’s Gallery in Whitby, and The Wellington Gallery in Kingston. Sh ealso had work in the Agnes Etherington Rental Gallery at Queen’s University for about 30 years until their closure in 2014.

Currently her work can be seen at Martello Alley and Martello on Brock in Kingston, and most recently at Studio 87 in Perth.

Sheridan College. Oakville and Brampton, ON; Art Fundamentals and Illustration, 1979-82
Queen’s University, Kingston, ON; Drawing & Painting, 1991

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