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Studio 87 Art Gallery in Perth features artist  Maria Moldovan
Maria Moldovan     

Maria started her visual education at the High school of Arts, Sf. Gheorghe, in the painting department. After 4 years of painting, she chose to study ceramic art at the University of Arts and Design in Cluj Napoca. She made this decision because she was attracted to three-dimensional art but couldn't give up the colors. So it seemed to be the perfect solution to create sculpture and paintings at the same time.


Painting and ceramic art has fluctuated through her life since then. There are longer periods of time dedicated for painting than for ceramic art.

Starting in 2008, she was involved in projects related to children's illustration as well; a fantastic world which captured her imagination and creativity in a very fabulous way.


For her, creating art is a journey. A constant moving from outside to inside and vice-versa. She is inspired by landscapes, objects or living creatures.


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