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Scott Rubie

Scott Rubie is a self-taught artist working in watercolour, oil, and acrylic. He focuses mostly on landscapes often with architectural features. Light and colour are primary features he incorporates to capture a sense of intimacy in the scene.
Scott has been painting and drawing most of his life, however it wasn’t until the 90’s while a resident teacher in the northern community of Fort Albany that he began to paint more seriously in watercolours. He continued in watercolours upon moving south to the Ottawa Valley where he and his wife settled into raising their five children and Scott building their house and teaching. After a hiatus from 2005 to 2017 Scott started back up painting more exclusively with acrylics.
Scott’s work is strongly influenced by the impressionists particularly Monet and Renoir as well as the Group of Seven. He sees himself still in a period of exploration both with the medium as well as style. His work is constantly evolving as he experiments with technique. He is always searching for that emotional equation that ties the viewer to the scene through his painting.
Now retired from teaching, Scott is able to devote more time to his painting. He has a studio in his home outside of Renfrew.