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COVID Project

We are living in historic times.  The Coronavirus is materially changing our lives. Our lifestyles are compromised, our finances are strained and many of us have not seen our elderly parents or friends for a long time.  This is a period of enormous uncertainty and it goes without saying that we are all struggling with much emotional turmoil.

At the beginning of the pandemic, to give ourselves and our artists some focus, we decided to invite our artists to create artworks that relate to the Coronavirus pandemic.  

The artistic works did not have to be a major departure from their stylistic practice.  We wanted it to be their work and their method interpreting the world around them; their senses, and most of all, their emotions.  The images may be serious and capture the starkness of the events.  But the images may also be humorous and poke fun at this bizarre time.
In the months that followed, Artists brought us their work, and the results are amazing.  The pieces are in all sizes, thematically diverse, and trigger a broad range of emotional responses.  The sum of this collective body of work is simply jaw-dropping.  We asked for their artistic interpretation of these historic times, and they sure delivered!  

With social distancing, it has become clear that a physical vernissage for the body of work would not be possible, so we decided to create a unique book that would feature the art and artist's statement with a description of the motivation and inspiration behind the pieces. Our vision for this book is to serve as a chronicle amid this pandemic.  

Over the next few months, we will layout and produce the book and launch it when ready. We expect it will be titled “Coronavirus Chronicles.”

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