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Studio 87 can commission its artists to produce art by special request


If you like something you see here is either sold isn't exactly right, many of our artists take on commissions. This allows our customers to get exactly what they want for their space.


Commissions in the world of art is an iterative process that requires the Customer, Artist, Gallery to communicate well and be stylistically in sync.   When doing commissions, we respect the artist’s freedom of expression and the outcome is usually an interpretation of the clients desire that leads to a  reaction that is most usually one of surprise and delight.  


When undertaking commissions, it is important to let the artist feel comfortable and not overly imposed-upon in their creative space. While very similar, even reproductions won’t be identical. For example, scaling an artwork’s size may mean more/less detail in the brushwork. Rest assured that the same colour palette, paint-application, and 'feel' of the piece will be reflected in the resulting work. The new piece that is produced will be uniquely titled and will form part of the artists body of work. Get in touch to let us know which piece/artist you are thinking about. Supply your preferred dimensions, and we will provide a no-commitment estimate for you. 

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