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Studio 87 Art Gallery in Perth features artist  Alai Ganuza
Mehry Alaie

Born in Persia, Mehry moved to India at 18 to pursue her education. Graduating in 1983 from Polytechnic College with a degree in Textile Design, Mehry learned to hand paint, screen print, batik and tie & dye on fabrics. Mehry and her
husband then moved to Canada to establish a new life.


Art is her passion and she uses it as a source of healing. Her love of the arts brought her to the medium of stained glass mosaic. Scenery, houses and flowers figure strongly in her works, reflecting a love of open vistas and nature, inspired by her home in the beautiful region of the Thousand Islands. Her mosaics are mostly self-taught, but her interest has also expanded into fused glass jewellery.

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