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Studio 87 Art Gallery proudly features artist Christopher Banfalvi
Christopher Banfalvi

Chris Banfalvi studied Graphic Design at St Lawrence College and found that his creative passions were not totally fulfilled… until he transitioned into the world of metal arts and became a metal sculptor. From the first time he started working with metal, he loved the way it could be shaped into delicate yet rigid forms.

He has a love for bringing ideas to life with designers and creating public art with functionality. The demanding physical nature of the process makes each work of art personal. Each piece retains a part of him.

Chris founded Dark Genesis Corporation and his passion for breathing new life into found objects was realized. From his perspective, it’s all about connections: his connectivity with the material, with other designers, and with the public.
Created from the spontaneous integration of discarded technology with forged steel, he spawns a world full of elegant, steel-based “life-forms.”

Chris resides in Frankville, Ontario.

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