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Carole Malcolm  

Born in 1958 and raised in a little New Brunswick town of Lakeburn, I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. When I was old enough to leave home I couldn't wait to get out of the Maritimes, but now that I have explored other parts of the world, I have a better sense of how fortunate I have been.  Memories continue to be a powerful influence in my paintings.


My work has evolved from realism toward focusing on a more romantic construction of simple elements. My newest series reflects my continued interest in the natural landscape.


Working with liquid acrylics, I prepare my canvasses with several coats of gesso to build up a textured painting surface.   Many washes of colour are applied by pouring, spattering, rubbing and dry brushing as I progress toward completion.


Not every step of the process is planned and controlled.  I enjoy exploring the impression of a landscape while inviting viewers to reflect on memories that the image triggers in themselves.

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