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Photo Viva B Painting.jpg
Viviane Bergevin

Who would have thought that a Scientist would exchange laboratory pipettes for paintbrushes?
An Immunologist, her professional training and rigorous work environment in Science encouraged experimentation and self-expression in her art. Viviane’s passion for colour and contrast precipitates visual equilibrium and harmony on the canvas. 

Having grown up in a household with a strong and artistic Parisian heritage, she was surrounded by art, through which, her analytical mind gained an understanding and appreciation of art in its many forms and beauty. 
For Viviane, painting is a type of meditation as she expresses herself in the studio. Outside of the studio, she is mother to three children, and draws inspiration from their innate creativity and endless imagination. With the influence of their wide-open eyes, she aims to liberate her thinking and creativity. She hopes that her paintings will provide you with the same freeing of thought and reflection.

Viviane is proud to call Nepean home.

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