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Maurice Dionne

 I have always been an artist at heart. Even though I chose a career in science, I kept my artistic side alive and nurtured because I knew I would eventually become a full-time fine artist. I feel very fortunate to have made the transition, and I’m free to fully express myself.

My recent work examines the city. I am a city dweller who is continually inspired by my surroundings. Everything is interesting to me, from the beautiful architecture of grand buildings, to quiet times in urban green spaces, and the daily scenes that play out before me as I linger over a coffee at a local shop. I explore ways of interpreting what I see. What stories can be told?


On my journey to become an artist, I felt an undeniable pull toward working in watercolor. It allows me to render architectural details precisely and contrast that with areas that are loose and impressionistic. It is a balance that I find very satisfying. I work to capture light, mood and energy with layers of luminous transparent color. I’m entranced by how much light can shine through, how the surface can glow, and it even seems to vibrate with energy. The journey continues. I invite you to come along. I

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