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Studio 87 Art Gallery in Perth features artist Yuri Kaplunovich
Yuri Kaplunovich

Yuri Kaplunovich is a Canadian contemporary multidisciplinary artist based in Perth, Ontario.

Originally from Ukraine, Yuri studied at the School of Fine Arts in Kherson, Ukraine. He also studied at the Belarussian Academy of Design and received a Masters in Art & Design.


His work to date has embraced numerous artistic mediums, including bronze and stainless steel sculpture, illustrative graphic work in watercolour and ink, as well as mixed media pieces. He also explores the reactions between diverse materials, as well as their unique and unpredictable natures. Through this process, Yuri seeks to explore the visual evolution and mutations that art can undergo throughout the cycle of creation. His art was presented in exhibitions in Eastern Europe and Middle East, featured in Canadian and international public and private collections.


“I consider the role of art to be a relationship between the creator and the viewer: The creator, who learned to work within a medium and to respect its qualities. The viewer, who interprets with fresh eyes what feeling and message the creator hoped to convey. This exchange, what I call the 'inhale and exhale', was all about giving space to created pieces, so they were released into their own life as something 'brand new' apart from their creator.” – Yuri Kaplunovich

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