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Studio 87 Art Gallery in Perth features artist Miriam Mas
Miriam Mas   

Miriam Mas was born in Barcelona and moved to Canada in her late twenties. Her parents gave her the gift of a basic oil painting kit to take with her, which introduced her to painting. But it was not until several years later, after suffering a severe work-related injury that she truly began to paint. So, after 15 years of dedication to helping people with mobility-related disabilities in the field of Service Dog training, she started to focus on her next passion; her artistic skills. Returning to the medium of oil, she developed her innate and self-taught ability.

Her subjects vary from people, to animals and nature, to still life, and to day-to-day scenes. What they have in common is that they all have beauty, the kind of beauty that touches one’s heart. She aims to live a passionate life by painting elements in her surroundings that may evoke a sentiment, an emotion, or a connection between herself and the viewer of her art. 

Miriam describes painting as having a strange magic. In her words: “It is like a beautiful poem or rhyme that you can always look at and never tires you. I love the excitement I feel every single time I am about to start a new painting. Sometimes I feel the same anticipation as a child waiting to get up on Christmas morning.”
Miriam is pleased to call Kemptville home. 

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