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Studio 87 Art Gallery proudly features artist Sheila Ballantyne
Sheila Ballantyne

Sheila's journey as an artist began at age twelve with her first set of oil paints.  She quickly taught herself to paint by studying and copying the paintings of the old masters. She grew up in Brockville, Ontario, and at age fourteen began studying drawing under Mario Airomi, where her desire to become a professional artist was inspired and encouraged. 

Sheila's acrylic paintings capture the strength and beauty of nature through dramatic composition with a soft, life-like quality that draws the viewer in. Her skill and versatility as a painter are demonstrated in the many and often unexpected subjects she portrays, which often convey a feeling of hope. She also enjoys working in mixed media and sculpture but her true love is for painting.  

Sheila’s work has received numerous awards and has gained international recognition in the world of wildlife art. Her paintings have been featured by many conservation organizations, such as Ducks Unlimited Canada and Artists for Conservation(AFC). Since her first show in 1982, Sheila continues to exhibit her art in shows across Canada and beyond and is a perennial exhibitor at the prestigious Buckhorn Fine Art Festival (formerly the Buckhorn Wildlife Art Festival) located in Buckhorn, Ontario.

Her work can be found in many private and corporate collections around the world. In 2003, Sheila was the featured artist for WPBS TV Art Auction in Watertown New York, where one of her paintings, “Bountiful Beauty” set an overbid record of $6,400. 

In 2014, her husband George died suddenly, and for the first time in her life, she was unable to paint. After a year or so, she slowly returned to the easel. Knowing how fragile we are and how quickly our lives can change, has profoundly altered the direction of Sheila’s creativity. She feels that there is much more to be revealed within her art and hopes that it will reflect the joy of embracing each new day with thanksgiving.

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