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Studio 87 Art Gallery proudly features artist Lee Anne LaForge
Lee Anne LaForge  

Lee Anne grew up in Ottawa and has lived in Toronto and on Vancouver Island. She now resides in Carp, Ontario with her husband and two dogs, Bella and Mia.  She is a full time artist working in Encaustic Beeswax and Acrylics.

Lee Anne has an Arts degree from Carleton University, is a graduate of Ottawa Teachers College, with a Visual Arts Specialist Qualification in Education from The University of Ottawa.

Art has always been her focus from her first art classes at age five.  Her love of children and art was the perfect combination that directed her into a thirty year career in primary education and teacher education. “Working with young children in the classroom and observing their enthusiasm for exploration and discovery was an exciting place to be”.  Their natural intuitive approach to art was what lead her to discover the joy of taking that approach in her own practice.

Lee has moved out of the realistic tradition of painting to the non-representational art. It is her passion that compels her to work with colour, texture and shape, constructing and deconstructing, layering and repainting until it feels right. 


“Painting is an emotional experience for me. I have been given this wonderful new opportunity to create art for which I am most grateful.”

Her work is owned privately through Canada and the United States.

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