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    Studio 87 Art Gallery proudly features artist Susi Walters
    Susi Walters 

    I am a passionate photographer and a Photoshop enthusiast. The process of creating a “Dreamscape” starts with my camera. From there I move to my digital darkroom where I combine images to create photographs that are often mistaken for paintings. I have nature’s illumination to thank for the images I capture in camera. Many times after capturing a photograph that takes my breath away, I give thanks to this remarkable muse.

    Travelling has given me many opportunities to capture unique photographs such as a Lipizzaner Stallion about to perform in a palace in Vienna, a rooster running free in Key West or the undeniable beauty of the Swiss Alps but my most cherished inspiration unfolds right here at home, on the Napanee River, where the muse delivers her bounty on a daily basis in all Seasons.

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